Cleveland Discount Dental Plan January 27 2014

Are you one of millions of Americans without dental insurance? If you have medicare but no established dental care, its a good idea to sign up for a dental insurance alternative through You will typically be approved in as little as 48 hours and can begin saving money. When you receive your dental savings card, you can display it at any of the approved dental locations to receive discounted services on your dental work. The more you use the card, the more you save.

This dental insurance alternative offers the peace of mind of protection in case of a dental emergency requiring surgery or another procedure. Make sure you protect yourself so you aren't out thousands of dollars for services that you need.

Your dental health is important. Be sure to brush your teeth, floss and get regular dental cleanings. This not only protects your teeth and gums but it also reduces the chances of developing heart disease and diabetes.

Regular dental insurance can be costly with high monthly premiums, deductibles, low limits on yearly payouts for services and paperwork hassles. They don't always cover the services you need. With our plans, you pay one low yearly fee and save your money. This plan takes 10-50% off the cost of regular dental fees and you can choose from our vast, quality network of dental professionals.

Save your money and get the peace of mind of a Cleveland discount dental plan today. Browse our website to sign up for an individual or family plan today. Alternatively, you can call in to speak to a representative who will help you enroll today.