Oakland Discount Dental Plan January 28 2014

With your Oakland discount dental plan through DentistSave.com you get:

  1. Discounts on all procedures of between 10-50% off the regular cost.
  2. The best quality dental professionals on our vast network throughout the US.
  3. More savings, the more you use the service.
  4. A discount card to present at various approved locations.
  5. The peace of mind that comes with good oral health.

    This is a dental insurance alternative that ensures that you won't have to pay monthly premiums or deductibles. You won't have any limits on yearly payouts like some insurance companies. You can save money and paperwork with our plans. They are easy to use; simply present your card at any of the approved dental locations of your choice and receive top quality service at a discounted price. If you need dentures, fillings, crowns or X-rays you will pay the discounted price. Even if you need more complex services like orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry you will pay the discounted price.

    Millions of Americans do not have dental insurance and they are risking their savings in case of a dental emergency or the need for braces. Don't get caught in this precarious position, be proactive and sign up for an Oakland discount dental plan though us.

    Your oral health is important. You can be sure to take care of your teeth when you brush regularly, floss and get check-ups as well as cleanings. Be sure to follow through with this as it promotes a healthy body and lowers your chances for getting heart disease and diabetes.

    Please browse our website today for your Oakland discount dental plan or if you prefer to speak to someone directly, you can call in today and have a customer service representative walk you through enrollment in as little as 48 hours.