Irvine Discount Dental Plan April 29 2014

Are you one of the millions of Americans without dental insurance? You’re worried about the costs of dental care and yet cannot quite bring yourself to commit to monthly premiums, you’re unable to decide on the right deductible, you don’t want to collect dentist’s bills, fill claim forms, and then follow up on them? You have an alternative. If you’re staying in Irvine, California then the Irvine discount dental plan by is perfect for you.

Neglecting dental health can have long term repercussions on our overall health. Diabetes and heart conditions have been linked to poor oral health. Not to mention the fact that if neglected, the conditions become that much more difficult, painful, and expensive to treat.

With our discount dental plans, you place yourself in a position to avail dental care at the first sign of trouble, be it a sore tooth, dental caries, or an accident that needs emergency treatment. Enroll and you will be able to save with discounts after a mere 48 hours, our plans do not have a waiting period. If the need arises, visit any dentist in the network and your condition will be treated for which you will pay a pre-decided discounted amount. The discounts are in the range of 15% - 50% and in some cases go above 50%. All dental procedures attract discounts, not just the simple or routine ones. You can save on orthodontics and periodontal procedures as well.  

A six-monthly visit to the dentists for a thorough cleaning and flossing session is recommended. It can set a family of two adults and three kids back by almost $1,000 in one year. But with an Irvine discount dental plan you can 50% of the cost. Moreover, these routine check-ups inform you if something’s wrong before it becomes irreversible.

Call us today and let us guide you to the most appropriate plan for your situation.