Santa Rosa Discount Dental Plan May 01 2014

Are you, dear denizen of Santa Rosa, California, searching for a discount dental plan that is reasonable and offers comprehensive savings? If yes, then stay and read on to learn about the Santa Rosa Discount Dental Plan brought to you by

No more hassles in getting claims reimbursed, no more annual caps, and no more exclusions. Does it sound good? It gets better because you can get this and more for a mere $99 / year for the individual plan and $149/year for the family plan.

Be it emergency treatment for a chipped tooth or extracting a troublesome tooth, it could also be a cosmetic procedure such as bonding, you are covered. No longer are you going to have to spend thousands of dollars for dental care nor will you be forced to push back dental treatment due to funding issues. Each visit to dentists in the network saves you from 15% - 50% of the actual cost. The discounts are pre-determined and you will know about them right away. There’s no suspense to it. If you’re staying in an urban area the savings are higher because of the higher costs of the procedure.  

With 132,000 dental care clinics on the Dentist Save network, your teeth are never far from being taken care of, anywhere in America. Not having dental insurance is not a nice situation to be in; if you do not have dental insurance or find that the whole concept of monthly premiums and claim filing does not quite suit you then you simply must consider a discount dental plan. Good oral health is central to good physical health. Deterioration in the mouth impacts our overall health; it affects the quality of our lives.

Enrollment is easy; a short 48-hour waiting period is all that is there between you and discounted dental care. Call us today!