Oceanside Discount Dental Plan May 01 2014

There are more than 108 million Americans without dental insurance. Are you one of them and face dental problems but are afraid of the costs without dental cover to protect you? Neglect oral health at your own peril. Dental problems allowed to grow require longer and more costly procedures. Not only this, lingering oral health issues have been linked to overall body problems such as diabetes and heart attack.

The Oceanside discount dental plan from Dentistsave.com allows you to access a network consisting of 132,000 dentists in the U.S. You save every time you visit a dentist in the network; the savings are in the range of 15% - 50% and can even go above it. Even cosmetic surgery procedures are covered. Approval takes 48 hours; there is no waiting period for you to sit out. Once approved, you can present your card at any dental care facility in the country and get treated at discounted rates. The discounts are immediate and there is no lengthy paperwork involved.

There are no caps on the discounts you can avail in an year and no limits to the number of times you can visit dentists. Choose from individual and family plans, the latter costs $149 for the year while the former costs $99 per year. You are covered for both regular as well as advanced dental procedures. 

The savings for a family are not insignificant; in fact, you are guaranteed savings. This is a worthwhile plan to sign up for, particularly if  you are living in an urban area with high costs of living.

Do not wait for a dental emergency to arrive and then act. Secure your family’s health today. The benefits of a discount dental plan from Dentistsave.com far outweigh the one-time payment. Call us today and our customer care representatives will guide you or leave a message on our website and we will make sure that we get in touch with you.