Lancaster Discount Dental Plan May 08 2014

A third of America’s population does not have dental insurance. What does a person without the umbrella of dental insurance do if there is a dental care situation in the family or if an emergency strikes? He postpones the visit to the dentist till adequate funds can be arranged, borrows on credit, or may even mortgage belongings because such is the impact that dental treatment can have on an individual’s finances.

So, if you don’t have dental insurance or are not to enamored by the prospect of having to pay monthly premiums without the guarantee that you will gain in savings more than you are paying and you don’t like filling claim forms along with the follow-up procedure then you should without hesitation sign up for the Lancaster Discount Dental Plan that comes to you from Dentist Save.

You can choose from a vast network of dental care clinics in California and around 132,000 clinics in the U.S. The Dentist Save network has grown to its present huge size because even dental professionals prefer to be associated with a respected and trusted network that allows them to reach out and be of service to the nation. A single annual fee that is lower than a couple’s evening out at the movies can save you thousands of dollars. Choose from individual or family plans; the former costs $99 while the latter is available for $149. One of the beauties of discount dental plans is that the benefits easily outweigh the one-time cost. The average savings with plans are in the range of 15% and 50%. Dental fillings, x-rays, cosmetic procedures, teeth cleanings, fixing chipped teeth, crowns, gum treatments, etc are covered – there are no exceptions and there are no waiting periods.

Protect your oral health and overall well-being with a Dentist Save discount dental plan.