Escondido Discount Dental Plan May 13 2014

The benefits of a healthy set of teeth go beyond flashing a beautiful pearly smile. Research tells us that oral health is linked to our overall health and that if things go wrong in the mouth then the risk of diabetes and even heart attack increases. But it does not have to be the case. You do not have to continue to be one of the 108 million Americans who do not have dental insurance to cover for dental expenses or for some reasons do not wish to avail dental insurance. Escondido discount dental plan is a very powerful and useful alternative offered by It saves you not only money but also prevents your overall health from going awry and stops your hair from graying prematurely from the worries of arranging funds for dental care.

The Escondido dental discount plan is available as an individual plan for $99 and a family plan for $149.  These, by the way, are one-time fees for the whole year. How’s that for affordable dental care? No monthly premiums and no worries about waiting out a given period to qualify for existing conditions. Moreover, you can walk into any of the 132,000 participating dental clinics in America and get treated. Pay the pre-negotiated discounted rates and save. You even save on cosmetic procedures, this isn’t’ possible with dental insurance. Tooth removal, caps, bonding, cleaning, bridge work, orthodontic procedures, periodontic procedures, etc are all covered.

The plans offered by Dentist Save are among the best in the industry and are the main reason why so many dental care clinics have chosen to participate. This is an excellent opportunity for Escondido natives to safeguard the entire family’s dental health and save while doing so. Sign up today and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your teeth are safe. Call us to learn more.