Fort Lauderdale Discount Dental Plan May 19 2014

Living ain’t easy these days. Air is the only thing that’s tax free…yet. If you’re an American with a family then you know that dental expenses bore a huge hole in the budget. And these expenses can often arrive unannounced. So what does one do? Especially, if you are one of the 108 million Americans that are not covered by dental insurance. Here’s an excellent solution that is increasingly being adopted by Americans; dental discount plans. And the Fort Lauderdale discount dental plans brought to you by Dental Discounts are among the best in America. Don’t take our word for it. Read on to find out what these plans are about and how they can save you serious money and ensure the well-being of your family’s oral health.

  • Choose from an individual and a family plan priced at $99 and $149, respectively. This is a one-time fee that authorizes you for an year of benefits.
  • The discounts are in the range of 15% and 50%, even higher.
  • All dental conditions are covered, there are no exceptions. You are eligible for discounts even with existing conditions. This is a big advantage over dental insurance where existing conditions invite a waiting period.
  • Unlike as with dental insurance, you can get discounts even on cosmetic treatments.
  • 132,000 dental care clinics all over America are a part of the Dentist Save dental discount network and you can get yourself treated in any of these.
  • The discounts are immediately available, go to a clinic, show your card, and pay the pre-negotiated discount rate.

Oral health is a serious concern and dental problems are fast assuming epidemic proportions, particularly among the younger population. Give your family protection from dental damage without paying monthly premiums. Pay once and benefit for the entire year.