Lakeland Discount Dental Plan May 28 2014

A Lakeland discount dental plan is one of the best alternatives out there for Americans who are desperately seeking respite from high costs of dental care. It is an appropriate alternative to dental insurance and comes to you via Dentist Save. Dental care providers love this dental discount plan; there are more than 132,000 dental care providers in America who are a part of this network. What does this discount dental plan offer and what are its salient features?

The biggest attraction of the Lakeland discount dental plan is that you need pay a small amount only once and then you are good to save on dental procedures for one whole year. And what is the amount in question? A mere $99 for an individual plan and $149 for the annual plan. Many have made up this small investment in a visit or two to the dentist. And you are not going to be constrained by a waiting period. The benefits are available immediately. Moreover, you can avail treatment even for existing conditions. This is a big plus that attracts Americans to discount dental plans such as the Lakewood discount dental plan.  

The discounts that you can avail are in the range of 15% and 50%, often more. You know what different dental care procedures cost, don’t you?

Impressive discounts on something like a tooth removal or a cap or bridge work can result in handy savings for students, freshly joined employees, single parents… in fact for just about anyone benefits.  You can too! The savings are real and are immediate.

Enroll today for mega savings and healthy teeth! Or call us and we will happily guide you through the simple process. Leave us a message if you feel like. You’ll thank  yourself for a wise decision.