Melbourne Discount Dental Plan June 06 2014

Your Melbourne discount dental plan entitles you to savings in the range of 15% and 50%, often more, on dental treatment procedures. It is easily one of the best dental insurance alternatives out there and is brought to you by Dentist Save.

We know what this product is about and we don’t need to write endless paragraphs about it. Take a look at the points below to know why the dentist save discount dental plan is such a tooth protector and a money saver.

  1. Save on each and every dental treatment; be they root canals, regular tooth cleaning, bridge work, upper dentures, dental cavity treatment, tooth removal, dental caps, orthodontic procedures, periodontic procedures, and even cosmetic treatments.
  2. Discounts mean that emergency procedures will not upset your monthly budget.
  3. There are more than 132,000 dental care clinics from all over America that are participating in the Dentist Save network. This attests to the success and popularity of this program. You are never far from treatment.
  4. The Melbourne discount dental plan comes with three months free, along with the 10% discount, and the lowest dental discount plan fees on the internet. You pay $99 once for an annual individual plan and $149 for an annual family plan.
  5. The savings are immediate. You don’t have to file for claims. Pay a pre-negotiated discounted rate and save on the spot.

There is a price to pay if we neglect our teeth and it’s a high price. Research has shown that there is a clear connection between diabetes and heart disease on one side and poor dental hygiene on the other. It does not have to be that way for you or your family. Save your teeth without breaking the bank. Enroll today and begin saving every time you visit the dentist.