Houston Discount Dental Plan June 06 2014

The Houston discount dental plan has been created especially for the citizens of this Texas megapolis. Today, dental issues are a major concern for America; dental cavities have taken on epidemic proportions for the teenage and young adult age group. Our diets contain more sweet than is good for our teeth. And to top it all, dental care does not come cheap. 108 million Americans are out of the protection of dental insurance.  And many of these would rather not pay monthly premiums.

It is for such people that the Houston discount dental plan is the perfect money saver. You no longer have to postpone or pay from your own pocket for expensive dental treatment. This dentistsave.com plan is available in two versions, an individual plan for $99 and a family plan for $149. What’s more, you are entitled to a 10% discount too! Don’t forget to make use of the coupon on this page. This plan by dentist save also entitles you to a further free three months extra over and above the 12 months.  

The discounts are available for all dental issues including existing ones. There are no exceptions and you are not going to have to sit out a waiting period. That is so unlike a dental insurance plan which is plain worthless if you have a chipped tooth or cavities or anything else that needs attention. And there are no claims to be filled. The discounts are immediate and can be availed from more than 132,000 dental care clinics all over America.

If you care for your teeth and your overall health then do take serious note of the fact that dental care becomes expensive as conditions deteriorate and you age. Give yourself the cover of a Houston discount dental plan, enroll today.