Corpus Christi Discount Dental Plan June 10 2014

What is the best way to secure a future for yourself where you’ll still be able to chew a rare steak even when you’re 65 years old? Why, you need to ensure that you have cash to spare to indulge in tasty steaks, pies, fruits and whatever else it is that requires the use of teeth. Teeth, yes teeth…run your tongue over teeth to find out what their state is like and you’ll get an idea of how long they can serve you in their present state – without dental care, that is.

Chances are that every member of your household suffers from one dental care problem or the other and these vary in seriousness. And there is no gainsaying that dental treatments constitute a large out-of-pocket expense for Americans, substantial enough to throw monthly budgets out of gear. And to top it all, you don’t have dental insurance. Going for dental insurance now may not quite stop the flow of money from your pockets to the dentist’s because insurance does not cover existing conditions or if it does it is after a waiting period. Moreover, there is the issue of non-covered elective procedures, so cosmetic dentistry is out.

Throw in monthly premiums that you have to accommodate in your budgets and suddenly dental insurance does not appear that good a deal. Truth be told, dental insurance isn’t meant for everybody. And this is where a Corpus Christi discount dental plan is such a great alternative. It offers you massive discounts on dental treatment; these are in the range of 15% and 50%, often more. You pay a small one-time fee for a year, $99 or $149, depending upon whether you choose the individual plan or the family plan.

The discounts are immediate; there are no caps on how much you can save. Existing conditions can be treated and there are no waiting periods. Sign up today and begin saving money and your teeth.