Albuquerque Discount Dental Plan March 21 2015

A discount dental plan for Albuquerque residents is a money- and time-saving alternative for the city’s residents. You get the benefits of a dental insurance and it comes without the strings attached with such insurance. Like there are no annual caps to the discounts you can avail, activation of the plans is easy, the paperwork is a fraction of what you’d have to undergo for dental insurance.

Check out the discount dental plan on offer. Choose from a one-time annual fee of $99 or $149. With more than 132,000 participating dentists across the nation, you are never far from a dentist that is participating in our discount dental plan. 48 hours is the maximum that you will have to wait to get your dental plan activated. This is a big benefit when considering the fact that many a times when a toothache becomes unbearable and you have no option but to head to the dentist in a day or two, you can sign up for a dental plan and save. 

Why would you ever want to pay the full price at the dentists’ when you can save 50% and more with our plans? Don’t pay through your teeth when you can save big by joining our discount dental plans. Teeth extractions are no longer as painful as they used to be. Now, they don’t have to be painfully expensive either. Don’t pay through your teeth for protecting the teeth of your family. Discount dental plans for Albuquerque are affordable. 

Unlike with dental insurance, the discount dental plans from Dentist Save will also work with existing conditions. No issues with going to a dentist with a chipped tooth or sensitive canines and getting them treated at discounted rates. Do you get this benefit with dental insurance? 

Sign up via this page and a get a 10% discount on dental plans. Not only this, you get three months free over and above the 12 months period. The discounts are valid for elective procedures as well.

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