Chula Vista Discount Dental Plan April 29 2014

When you enroll for the Chula Vista discount dental plan from, you do more than just save money on dental procedures, you give your family the gift of good health and the assurance of prompt medical attention should an emergency strike. And if you’re living with a family that has young, old, and teens in it then you know that an oral care emergency can arrive in the form of a tooth that needs immediate extraction, an orthodontic or periodontal procedure that can no longer be put off, or a chipped tooth from a tackle while playing football.

Residents of Chula Vista who do not have dental insurance too have the right to peace of mind with respect to the health of their teeth. And the dental discount plans on offer aim to provide you with just that!

Here are benefits that you can avail with dental plans discounted at –

  1. A single, low, one-time payment for discounts on dental procedures.
  2. Discounts can go above 50% for certain procedures.
  3. No monthly premiums or high deductibles to be paid.
  4. No claims to be filled, no waiting period for reimbursements, instant pre-approved discounts.
  5. A network of 132,000 dental practice offices.
  6. Approval in 48 hours of enrollment, no waiting period to enjoy benefits.

Given the vastness of the network, there is a good chance that your trusted dentist is already participating and offering discounts on dental procedures. This means that you don’t have to go looking for a good and trustworthy dentist all over again. You will not be constrained by limiting caps that accompany dental insurance. Use a dentist’s service as many times as you want. Annual dental plan cost far less than what dental insurance does. Get in touch with our experts, call us and learn how you can help yourself with a Chula Vista discount dental plan.

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