Clearwater Discount Dental Plan May 28 2014

You are as healthy as your teeth are and you are as happy as your health allows you to be. Our dependence on our teeth for our overall wellbeing increases as we age. So it is incumbent on us to do what we can in order to maintain our teeth.  And this includes having the necessary wherewithal to pay for dental care treatment. Dental treatment costs are among the largest out-of-pocket costs for a family. And if you are not covered by dental insurance, you know how this can skew your budget for the month. Dental emergencies, like all others, arrive without warning and can be a major drain on your liquidity.

In such a situation, a dental discount plan is an excellent substitute. The Clearwater discount dental plan for the residents of this wonderful Florida town is the perfect instrument to save every time you visit a dentist. These are no minor savings; they are in the range of 15% and 50% and in some cases even more. A routine check-up for adults costing $62 will save you 56% and you pay only $27. A root canal that normally will cost you above $1,200 is available at a 56% discount. You do the math! And the same story plays out for all dental care procedures including cosmetic procedures. You know don’t you, that dental insurance plans do not cover cosmetic surgery? Well, the Clearwater discount dental plan does.  

What does this mean for your family? With more than 132,000 dental discount clinics to choose from all over America, it means that you are protected from dental emergencies anywhere on continental United States and that each treatment comes to you at a pre-negotiated discount that you can avail immediately.  

Sign up now because these savings are very real. You will indeed save when you enroll for a dental insurance alternative. Call us and we will be glad to guide you.

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