Corona Discount Dental Plan May 13 2014

Do you know the benefits that a Corona discount dental plan can bring to you? Read on to learn how this dental discount from can serve as an excellent alternative to dental insurance. Dental costs are often the largest monthly cost incurred by an American household and can easily escalate to skew the monthly budget, particularly if there is a dental emergency due to an accident or a tooth infection.

Dental insurance still has close to 108 million Americans outside its purview. Many Americans are actually not too keen to sign up for dental insurance because of the uncertainty over the returns. It is not uncommon to pay sizeable premiums every month for a year and to not get the opportunity for filing a claim. The cost to benefit aspect with dental insurance is not assured and the ratio too may not be very favorable.

The alternative, a discount dental plan offers several benefits that many people consider more attractive than dental insurance. These include a heavy discount on all dental procedures. With the Dentist Save plans you get discounts in the range of 15% - 50%, these discounts are valid on all procedures and there are no exceptions. Unlike dental insurance, these procedures cover cosmetic treatment as well. Since there are no claim forms to fill, you get the discounts immediately upon visiting any of the participating 132,000 dental care clinics in America. The savings are immediate and you will notice that your monthly bank balance will increase rather than decrease under a Corona discount dental plan. Pay $99 for an individual plan and $149 for a family plan once and set yourself free from the strain of costly dental procedures.

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