Fontana Discount Dental Plan May 01 2014

Have you wished for dental care savings but without the accompanying anxieties of dental insurance? Are you in a situation where you have an urgent need to have a tooth extracted but your dental insurance company does not entertain existing conditions? Do you find monthly premiums a drain on your resources? Are you uncomfortable with having to fill out forms, submit them, follow up, and then hope that the claim amount due is reimbursed without any cuts? Are you among the more than 108 million Americans who are without any kind of dental cover but could really do with help?

If your answers to the above questions are “Yes” then you should check out the Fontana discount dental plan by A single, low, annual payment is all that is required for you to start saving through discounted rates on dental care. Does a 52% saving on a $109 adult cleaning procedure sound good to you? What about a 49% saving on an upper denture procedure that costs $1,718? Ultimately, it is your need that decides the procedure but whatever it is, you are assured of savings. Walk into a participating dental care facility and pay a pre-approved discounted rate. More than 132,000 participating dental care clinics across America are testimony to the faith that dentists have in this plan offered by

Our diets and lifestyles are contributing to poor oral health. A surfeit of sweets, processed foods, colas, etc is creating a generation that is not only obese but also with teeth afflictions. Hereditary conditions, congenital defects, and accidents are other causes necessitating dental care. Be it a simple cleaning or an orthodontic procedure that may take more than one sitting at the dentist’s you can be assured that you will save money.

Check out our website, enrollment is swift and you can start with discounted rate dental treatments after 48 hours. Or call us now and we will answer your queries.

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