Moreno Valley Discount Dental Plan May 01 2014

With a Moreno Valley discount dental plan you can begin saving after only 48 hours of enrollment. There is no waiting period and you are eligible to save even on existing conditions. A network of more than 132,000 dental care facilities all over the U.S will accept you and offer you a pre-negotiated discount. Your savings are immediate and not unsubstantial. dental plans offer savings that go beyond 50% of the original costs.

The entire range of dental procedures is covered. It could be a routine dental filling or a biannual teeth check-up, or may be crown work, there are savings to be had. You are not constrained by annual caps or limits on the discounts nor will you have to haggle over the discounts. These are pre-negotiated and you will have the satisfaction of knowing your savings before you sit on the dentist’s chair.

Contrast this with a dental insurance plan that is at the very least a promise of savings but there is no guarantee that your claims will exceed your annual premiums. Many self-employed people are turning away from dental insurance because of the expense to returns ratio. For them, discount dental plans are becoming an increasingly attractive alternative. These plans help you not only save on dental treatment costs for the family but also serve to ensure good teeth because they cover preventive checkups for young and old alike.  

You can appreciate the extent of savings when you consider that these can be used elsewhere, for school fees, credit card payments, monthly groceries, etc. A one-time payment sets you up for the year. And it is a very small and affordable amount - $99 for the individual plan and $149 for the family plan. Both annual expenses are lower than many monthly dental insurance premiums but offer huge savings.

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