Pomona Discount Dental Plan May 13 2014

Hear all ye good citizens of Pomona. Dentist Save brings to you a magnificent opportunity to protect your teeth and overall health without breaking the bank. How? Through the Pomona discount dental plan, of course. Doubtless, most of you have heard about dental discount plans. The plan made available by Dentist Save brings together 132,000 dental care facilities all over America so that you can save anywhere you go.

And who wouldn’t want to save up to 50% and sometimes more on the whole range of dental care treatments? There are myriad dental problems that a family has to face, sometimes these vary with age. Dental insurance does not cover all the conditions; for example, cosmetic dental procedures are not covered under dental insurance. Moreover, existing conditions are either outright rejected or face a lengthy waiting period. It goes without saying that you will have to foot the bill for your condition till you qualify, this wait is in months.

The Dentist Save discount dental program is easy to join. Sign up for it and you can get dental care at discounted rates in 48 hours. Be it a dental checkup for adults or for kids, or a root canal, you can walk into a dental clinic that is a part of the network and save. The saving potential is immense, particularly for families where the dental health is not up to the mark. $142 and $99 are one-time annual payments for family and individual plans; the kind of money that we can spend on an evening out. This money has the power to save you thousands of dollars.

Call us today and we will be glad to help you with any queries that you may have. Joining a Pomona discount dental plan may be your best decision of the year.

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