Tallahassee Discount Dental Plan May 17 2014

Kindly lend me your ears, residents of Tallahassee. This concerns the future of your dental health, your overall health, and the health of your wallets. If you’re not covered by dental insurance or you feel that the whole idea of monthly payments and claim filing is not up your alley then you should check out the Tallahassee discount dental plan. It is brought to you by and offers a spectrum of benefits and savings that makes it a very viable alternative to dental insurance in Tallahassee.

With more than 108 million Americans outside the protective umbrella of dental insurance and the high cost of dental care, there is an acute need for a system that fills the gaps in dental insurance plans and enables folks to save on the costs of dental repair. This dental discount plan by Dentist Save offers savings in the range of 15% and 50% on all dental procedures. There are no exceptions and there are no waiting periods. You begin saving on procedures after 48 hours of enrollment. Simply visit a participating dental clinic, you can choose from more than 132,000 in the country, pay the discounted amount for the treatment and save. No claims and no waiting period.

You have a choice between a family plan and an individual plan. The former offers rich savings for the entire family for a low, one-time fee of $149 and the latter can be had for $99. Yes, you read that right. Those are one-time annual payments. Freedom from monthly premiums and solid savings go hand in hand with a Tallahassee discount dental plan.

Here’s an example. A routine check-up, for which you are billed $62, will come at a discount of 56% and cost you a mere $27. Multiply the savings with the number of family members and their visits for different dental procedures. You get an idea of what you can save. Sign up today or call us now to learn more.

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