New Mexico Discount Dental Plans January 06 2014

Oral health affects your whole body so are you taking care of yours with regular trips to the dentist? For a great savings plan, check out the New Mexico discount dental plans through

Do you or someone in your family have gum disease, require dental procedures such as crowns, fillings or a root canal? Ensure that you are properly taken care of with an affordable comprehensive discount dental plan through

Furthermore; is your family prepared in case of a dental emergency? What happens if your child requires braces? With a plan through you can protect your family against all kinds of unexpected expenses. The more you use the card, the more you save. You could take your family on a vacation with that savings.

If you do not have a dental insurance plan, you are paying between 10-50% more than you would with a New Mexico discount dental plan through With our plans, you are not only covered for regular services like check-ups and cleaning but you are covered in case of the need for cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics. These plans are comprehensive and there are thousands of qualified dental practitioners that you can choose from on our quality network throughout New Mexico. You are sure to find one perfect for your needs in the area you live.

With your new discount plan, you will not have costly monthly premiums but instead will pay only one low yearly fee. You can say goodbye to paperwork and instead, simply present your card at the time of payment at the dental office and you will not have to pay any deductible but will only pay a discounted rate for services.

Call into the customer service line to receive personalized service through one of our agents or go online today to enroll in one of our individualized New Mexico discount dental plans through